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Girl Werewolves Onscreen!

A Master's Thesis Research Project

External Services:
  • girl_werewolves@livejournal.com
My name is Elizabeth Clark, and I am a master’s candidate in the Communication, Culture, and Technology department at Georgetown University. This livejournal account is part of my master's thesis research.

The focus of my thesis is: recent film and television portrayals of female werewolves. I am analyzing these portrayals in terms of gender, monstrosity, and transgressive bodies. I am interested in understanding fan responses to these characters and their narratives.

I chose livejournal to host this part of my research because it is designed to foster community and group discussion!

This webpage is part of Elizabeth Clark's Master’s thesis research at Georgetown University. You are invited to take part in the following discussion. Please be aware that in doing so, you authorize me, the researcher, to quote you and to identify you by your screen name in my research.

You may NOT participate in this research if you are under 18 years of age. By participating in this discussion, you acknowledge that you are NOT under 18 years of age.

You may discontinue your participation at any time for any reason, with no penalty. You may contact me with any questions or concerns by writing me at girl.werewolves.onscreen [at] gmail.com.

This research has been approved by the Georgetown University Institutional Review Board. For questions, concerns, or complaints, please call the IRB office at (202) 687-6553.